HELP - Amplify and Equalization.

Hello, good, I’m new to Audacity and I wonder if I can apply the amplification effect on any other effect. And what they are. And if the order of effects applied changes the result.

The same equalization as well.

Thank you.

You can stack as many effects as you like. Each one takes the result of the one before it.

I have a process I use where I bracket the Compressor tool with two Normalize tools for best, most repeatable sound.

Fair warning you have to UNDO (remove) effects the same way, in exact reverse order. You can’t decide you didn’t like one effect in the middle and as a rule, you can’t get a project from someone else and remove effects.

Audacity Projects will preserve your work and tracks, effects, labels, etc, but it won’t save UNDO.


Sure, but so, I would like to know if the effects amplification and equalization serve to be applied to any kind of effect, and if I need to put them in order.
For example, we can apply equalization and echo. But then apply the other way around?


You should probably be more specific. For example, if you do phrase-by-phrase volume changing, Compression and Limiting first, Noise Reduction may produce noise pumping and swishing instead of nice, smooth reduction.

So there are some limitations.

If you have a damaged or noisy show, the list of good effects and filters may go way down. You can’t bass-boost your voice, for example if you have a refrigerator in the background or a metrobus outside. That’s not straight filtering or effects, that’s rescue and recovery.

So we can’t tell you blanket rules like that.


we can apply equalization and echo. But then apply the other way around?

If you have a good recording, I don’t think it makes any difference which order for those two.


Okay, that is so, I study Game Design.
And I have a search that is on audio. In this case, I’m amplification and equalization. And I have to describe whether this form of treatment can be applied to any type of audio in any application order.


amplification and equalization are commutative , but that’s not true of all audio processing effects.

You know tell me what effects they work and do not work?

For example, amplification or normalization may be done before or after Noise Reduction. Notch filtering or Click Removal should be done before Noise Reduction. Compression or any other effects not mentioned above should be done after Noise Reduction, not before.