Heavy noise I can't seem to reduce

Hello, My name is Mary. I recorded 58 minutes of a wedding using a Panasonic older camcorder. The power button on this was acting up while I was recording. I have heavy duty noise(clipping?) on about 7 or 8 minutes, which just happens to be the wedding vows! I’ve been working on this for a few weeks to no avail. I used honestech 3.0 VHS to DVD program. I am running Windows 7- home premium -64 bit. Using Audacity 2.1.1. — I feel if I could fix the audio up a bit, I could just send the family a wav. file they could use on their phones while watching the video. I am attaching the file. Any help would be much appreciated! thanks!

This is the best I could do (attached). I found a gap between words (say 1.1 and 1.4 seconds on that clip) and used that as the Noise Reduction Profile. Then select the whole clip and noise reduce with 18, 6, 6 reduction values (Audacity 2.1.0 or 2.1.1). Any more than that (the first number) and the voices start getting honky and bubbly and you notice that before the noise. I tried the other tools and the voice is just too far into the noise and mud to bring back.

We’re not a CSI forensic tool.


Thank you - I can live with that! Santa WILL be bringing a new camcorder for Christmas! – I love Audacity!! – Mary

Santa WILL be bringing a new camcorder for Christmas!

Don’t call the newspapers just yet. We get postings from those people, too. “I can’t hear the vows on my new CamCorder/Cellphone Movie Recorder, what should I do?”

People see amazing, super quality zoom lenses and automatically assume the sound is going to zoom, too. Probably not.

I would place a small stand-alone sound recorder somewhere close to the service and just let it run (with the pastor/priest/rabbi permission, of course). Use whoever has the best sound. I’m testing a very nice Olympus recorder. It was $119. It’s 4 inches tall. I’m probably going to start doing field recordings with it instead of dragging the computer around.