Headphones not recognized in Audacity

I just got a new Macbook air and Audacity is working great - however, it will not recognize any headphones to listen to playback, it only plays through my computer speakers. I’ve tested multiple headphones with other apps and they work fine, just not with Audacity. Any tips?

Is ‘External Headphones’ showing as an option in the playback device dropdown menu (in the device toolbar)?

If so, and you’ve selected it and it still isn’t working (or if not, and it isn’t showing at all) trying clicking:

Transport > Rescan Audio Devices

Which won’t appear to do anything at all, until you check that dropdown menu again, select External Headphones, and…any good?

Are they wireless? This exercise is a lot easier if they’re wired and plugged into a hardware port.

If they’re wireless, they’re not sound devices, they’re network devices.

Perfect Overdubbing is super hard with wireless headphones because you need to listen to your microphone, sound mixer, or interface. None of them support wireless.


Ah yes, forgot that rather crucial detail. Wireless headphones are so far from my world that I completely forget they exist.

Thank you GDepot! Once I re-scanned the devices, I checked back in the Device drop down and the external headphones now appeared. What a relief!!

Ah, fabulous. You’re v welcome :slight_smile: