Headphones (1Hz)?

Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone knew of headphones, not speakers that reached as low as 1hz in capability.


No and not likely to be, either. Human hearing stops around 20Hz.

If somebody asks you a question and you shake your head no, that’s what it would sound like.


A beautiful analogy, Koz.
It is one of the frequencies you have to feel in your belly, rather than to hear it (Bellyphones? :wink: ).

20Hz is the one you feel in your belly. That’s the 32-foot flute stop on the organ. Maybe 16 foot. I need to look it up.

This is another 1Hz generator:


Not known for is sound quality.


You need a low pass filter to filter out the rustling.

Here’s another one, but you need to ignore the sound of the clock:

The deepest pitch on an Hammond organ is nominal ~8 Hz. In contrast to church organs, those deep basses are actually square waves in order to be audible, i.e. they include some upper partials.
In any case, the deeper the frequency is, the greater the needed resonator body must be–exponentially–up to the whole earth. For instance, elephants “hear” infra-sonic sounds with their feet.