Having trouble with Orphan Block Files (More Detailed)

I posted this before, but don’t think I was detailed enough to enable anyone to help.

I had two audacity recordings and copied parts of both to combine them onto a new file to form a new recording. When I listened to this new recording I decided it was bad so I deleted it and decided I would keep both the original recordings separately instead.

Then I was informed by my laptop that multiple files from the original recordings had been deleted.

So I went onto my OneDrive recycle bin and restored the files that were lost.

Then when I went onto the recordings, the following showed:

Since then I’ve deleted and restored the orphan block files multiple times to see what difference was made each time. When the orphan files are there this notification appears, when they’re not, it doesn’t.

Thankfully before this whole ordeal, I exported wav files of the two original recordings on the 22nd.

Maybe this is me being paranoid, but do Audacity recordings have files from their folders naturally deleted over time which as a result make the recordings better? And if so would that mean that any files from my recordings folder that should have been deleted, and would have only been deleted past the 22nd will have been exported into my wav files since they were made before any such deletion could take place? Could an issue like this mean that background noise in my wav file may be louder than it would be if I had exported it on a later date? Again this might be a psychological case of me overreacting in oppose to a technical one, idk.