Having trouble playing mp3s and wav files


Having trouble playing mp3s and wav files. The play widget doesn’t work. They import, but wont let me play them. Is there another step I’m missing here?

Have only began using after a long break.

Thanks for any guidance

Windows 10 64bit

Do you see a waveform?

Does the curser and meters move so it “looks like” it’s playing?

If so make sure the correct [u]Playback Device[/u] is selected. (i.e. You can record from a USB microphone but you can’t play-back though it. :wink: )

Yeah I see a waveform , the play button is grey/black and isn’t green like normal. So there’s nothing happening - doesn’t look like its playing, nothing is moving.

Sorry, the play button is an off- green colour, a duller shade than normal

Only MP3 and WAV files? Will Audacity play anything at all?

Also, it might help if you can post a copy of your Audacity screen. Tools > Screenshot > Capture Full Window. :slight_smile:


Got it sorted, sorry for the fuss - under a bit of pressure the other night, and generally things weren’t working out. Tried it again there and it worked