Having trouble merging tracks

Using Windows 7, Audacity version 2.1.1, used .exe installer + Lame

I ripped a CD with 5 stereo audio (voice) .wav tracks. I want one single continuous track with the 5 tracks.
I watched a couple Youtube videos for explanation.
I imported all 5 tracks, “selected all”, then selected Tracks\Mix and Render. The 5 tracks are on top of each other rather than end to end before and after I export.
I started over with only 2 tracks imported. Same thing.
I did a cut/paste method which worked OK. But I have a few of these CD’s to do and wanted a quicker method to make a single continuous track from multiple tracks.
Thanks for your help

When you import multiple tracks, they appear one above the other (as you have discovered).
To make them play one after another you can use “Tracks menu > Align Tracks > Align End to End”.
If you need to adjust the left/right positions, use the Time Shift tool.

If you want to crossfade some or all of the tracks, Audacity has a couple of plug-in effects to make crossfading easy: