Having Some issues with exporting my live commentary files:(

I’m using windows 10 and have version 2.1.3 of audacity from an .exe file.

When I export my audio files into my E: drive (which has 3 TB free) the audio only exports partially.
Ex) I have a one hour recording, I export it, but the audio says the recording is only 20 minutes, it cuts the audio off, the speed of the audio is not changed.

My standard project rate is 384000 Hz and I export it as a WAV (Microsoft) 32-bit float PCM. This is what I have done for months and have had no issues until now.

Need help ASAP, thanks!

The maximum size that a normal WAV file can be is 4GB.
Sample rates over 100000 Hz are excessive for audio and more prone to intermodulation distortion than more reasonable sample rates.

Yes true but like I said it was working fine with these settings beforehand, what I’m asking is what went wrong.

If exporting as WAV worked correctly, the files must have been short enough to be less than 4 GB. (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WAV#Limitations)

OK that makes perfect sense, I’ll try that, but what also doesn’t make sense is that I have had audio files in WAV format bigger than 4 GB and they had the full length of the audio recording.

Thanks for the help, I exported the audio file in MP3 format and it came out in one piece. I can’t thank you enough, but I still want to know why it acted up the way it did, keep me posted if you find out anything.

THX FOR HELP!!! :smiley:

Perhaps they are not standard “Microsoft PCM WAV”. Could they perhaps be some other format (such as RF64) with a “WAV” file extension? Have you checked that they do actually play all the way through?

Yes in Audacity they do play all that is recorded, but when exported they took a chunk of it and completely cut the rest of the track off. Sometimes the chunk doesn’t start at the beginning of the recording, instead somewhere in the middle.