Having Difficulty Initalizing to Record Internet

Running Windows pro version 5.1 on Dell E520 and using Audacity 2.0.6 installed from .exe.
Sound card is SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC.
Mixer device shows as SigmaTel Audio and Recording shows: only Line In, Rear Mic, and Microphone. Playback shows: Volume Control, Wave, SW Synth, CD Player, and Input Monitor.

I can’t create a configuration that will allow me to record streaming audio.

Some time ago I used Freecorder, which worked fine at the time, so, I know it’s possible to do, but how with Audacity?

Is that supposed to be “8.1”?

Try using the “WASAPI” method described here: Audacity Manual

It’s not a typing error. It’s 5.1 with Service Pack 3, pre-WASPI.
Another point, I did clean the drives and reloaded the OS between Freecorder and now.
Would WASPI work with 5.1?

Do you mean Windows XP SP3?

Yes, Windows XP pro 5.1/SP3

“5.1” is the MS internal number for 32-bit Windows XP. See Operating System Version
“6.3” is the MS internal number for Windows 8.1.

See this post audacity not saving - #3 by Gale_Andrews about the risks you are running.


If you reinstalled Windows then you should reinstall the audio device either using the drivers CD the computer came with, or by going to the Dell web site and downloading the correct drivers.

If you read the link Steve gave Audacity Manual you can see that WASAPI recording is not available for XP.

If you don’t get stereo mix or what U hear devices after installing the correct audio drivers then as described on the above page you can run a cable from audio out to line-in and record the line-in.

Or you can try SoundLeech or VB-Audio Virtual Cable .


Gale, thank you for the information - very helpful. Succinct and to the point. Appreciate it.