Have old Griffin iMic - should I use it?

Hi, after years of procrastination, working to digitize my lps, using an old NAD receiver, Dual turntable, Macbook Pro - running OS 10.7.5 and Audacity 2.1.1.
I’ve tried recording with the Griffin iMic and with just ithe input/outpot port of the Mac. Both seem to work OK, both sound about the same. Is there any reason to use the Griffin? The only andvantage is that it allows me to monitor the recording with headphone out of my Mac, but that’s not a crucial consideration. Thanks.

Do you have a real stereo input connection?

Alternately, a 13" MBP whose single connection can switch?


Yes, I have the MBP 3.1, which has the single input that is switchable via system prefs. Thanks. It works so does the Griffin. I just wonder if one is better.

I’ve always used the Stereo Line-In on my major projects.

I’ve had some bad experiences with the iMic. Mine is in the garage.