Has the "split" function been disabled?

Hi all.

I’ve just upgraded to 3.3.3 & a function that I’ve always used in the previous version (2.4.2) doesn’t seem to work any more.

Here is a screenshot of me going to the command I normally use to split all the tracks at the Label points:

This did absolutely nothing in 3.3.3.

(I’m going to have to put the other image in a separate post because apparently new users can only embed one image. Suffice to say, I created the project in 2.4.2 using the exported label track and the exact same menu item did the trick.)


Should the functionality I’m used to using work in 3.3.3 & something is wrong?

Has it moved to somewhere else in the app?

Secondly… Unfortunately, (presumably because I’ve installed 3.3.3), some other functionality no longer seems to work in 2.4.2. When I go to save the selected audio for each track, the finder is just completely non-responsive. It hasn’t crashed, it just won’t do anything. Is this the expected behaviour of the previous version, now that I have the new one installed or should it work just the same?

My workaround was to save the split project then open in it 3.3.3 to save the tracks out, but that’s well clunky.

I’m just wondering what’s expected behaviour & what’s an “I D ten T” error? :blush:

Here is the result in 2.4.2 using the exact same menu command:

The labeled audio commands don’t work currently, indeed. You instead can select multiple tracks (with shift+up/down) and make cuts that way

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Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Do we know if there’s any kind of timescale to get them fixed? :upside_down_face:

I suppose if I’m having to export the tracks one at a time in any case, (because the “advanced export” functionality for channel mapping 5.1 audio isn’t supported in “export multiple”), I don’t actually need them split, so I could skip that stage, but I really feel each of these steps should be a single command.

  1. Bring all the individual tracks from the stereo version & line them up end to end…
  2. Select all & automatically add a label at the beginning of each track, numbered sequentially
    (missing functionality, I think)
  3. Export Label track
  4. Bring in 5.1 audio
  5. Import Label track
  6. Split all tracks at label markers
    (Currently broken, I gather)
  7. Export multiple, maintaining 5.1 audio
    (Missing functionality)

Seven easy steps to get a 30 or 40 song audio track out in just a couple of minutes.

Instead, I have to select & export every track individually which will mean 30 or 40 individual tasks, each one of which has several steps of its own, including having to needlessly “okay” the channel mapping pane each time.

As I mentioned in a different discussion, maybe this is not what Audacity is intended for, so I just have to suck it up, but the missing steps mentioned above seem to me to be obvious things that one would expect to be able to do & would be very cool features.

Also, I’m not a power user, so there are very likely to be things I don’t know about that would speed up the above workflow. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Try using the 3.4 alpha from nightly.link | Repository audacity/audacity | Workflow build.yml | Branch master - that one has a new unified exporter which should be capable of 5.1 export multiple stuff.


So there are three MacOS items… arm64, universal & x86-64.

Do you know which of these I should use for a 2017 MacBook Pro running Venture 13.5?

Universal should work, well, universally and figure out what macOS version you’re using on its own. If it doesn’t, you’re on an intel mac, so x86-64 is the version for you.

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It’s definitely an Intel Mac, I just didn’t know what arm 64 & 86 64 meant. Thanks!

So I’m making a label track from the individual tracks in stereo…

And when I bring the exported label track into my 5.1 file…

The labels don’t line up! What gives? Am I doing something wrong?

Okay, I can see what the problem (presumably) is. When I play the file, it’s playing back super slowly! But the playback speed thingy at the bottom (which I’ve never ever touched in the past or needed to touch) is set to 1.00 &, in any case, makes no difference wherever I put it.

Why is this so difficult?

Never mind. I did it in 2.4.2 which, despite not being able to export multiple in 5.1, opened the file at the normal playback speed, imported the labels in the correct places and split the tracks in one go.

Thanks to a couple of tips I’ve picked up reading around the place, I now know I can double click the first clip & then use the shift key to get the first track selected, after that I can use alt-full stop to select the next track each time and I’ve added a new key command to export selected audio, so the whole process is much quicker.

I think yes this function has been closed as in version 2.4.2 it is working about after that it become disabled.