Hardware Playthrough


Newbie to Audacity but plenty of experience with Pro Tools, Logic Pro X & Ableton Live 9.

I have just purchased the Stanton T.92 USB turntable to convert all my vinyl to digital format.

I have the expected latency issue with monitoring using the Software Play-through Option and on switching to Hardware Play-through I hear nothing through my headphones.

The turntable is connected via USB to my iMac, also attached via USB is the M-Audio Micro and my headphones are jacked into that.

So as it stands my host is Core Audio my playback device is M-Audio Micro and my recording device is USB Audio Codec (2 (Stereo) Channels)

Any ideas?

I am using Yosemite 10.10.3


I think the Hardware Playthrough is a legacy service no longer supported. Software Playthrough, with the delay, is the only service I’ve ever seen work.

This is also why we recommend listen to the device rather than the computer, if you can. If you’re set up for overdubbing or multiple track sound-on-sound, it’s required.


Since you’re probably going to cut down the music into individual tracks in post production anyway, why is this critical? Please don’t make a common mistake of capturing directly into MP3. Do everything in WAV (Microsoft) as an archive and/or Audacity Projects and then edit, and then make the MP3s or whatever else you want.

You can’t generally edit MP3s without the quality decreasing.


You probably were asking without using the specific words whether Audacity works with ASIO drivers. No, it doesn’t. So all those ASIO tricks, like low latency, will be missing.


ASIO is for Windows only.

Audacity does not ship with ASIO support due to licensing issues, but Audacity can be built by the user with ASIO support as long as the user does not distribute that build to anyone else.

The equivalent low latency API for Mac is Jack implementation for Mac OS X. Audacity does support that as shipped, though there are probably bugs and feature omissions.