Hard to Merge Audio Tracks.

Audacity (Version 2.1.2)

Its really hard to merge two audio tracks for an instance If we Stop a recording and Not pause it and Then we record a second audio track and Need to merge these audio tracks together. It isn’t clear how to merge to two Audio tracks together.

How exactly do you want to “merge” them?
Do you want them to both play at the same time?
Do you want to join them end to end?
Do you want to crossfade from one to the other?
Something else?

I want to join the second recording with the first recording.

Slide the tracks left/right using the Time Shift tool so that they play as you want them, then export (File menu > Export Audio)

Even if you have stopped a recording, you can hold SHIFT and click either the Record button or the R key to Append-Record at the end of the selected track(s).