Handling a very large mp3 file

Hello forum
Recently I have downloaded a very huge (620 mb - 1.2 gb) mp3 files, they are collections from the 60’s (my favorite music), I loaded one of them into Audacity, had in mind to draw out several songs. When I first pressed the ‘play’ button. it played so fast - several seconds - to the end, it sounded like a cartoon movie, could not recognize anything. In a media player (mpc-hc) it playes normal, about 4 hours.
Is there some way first to make it play normaly so to select something I can draw out and make several mp3 files.
I even tried to zoom the file in the editor, but the play was just the same.
Answers will be appreciated.

Audacity can do that if the files aren’t MP3. Not all sound files are.

You can install the FFmpeg add-on software to let Audacity open up more different sound file formats.

Scroll down.