H CAPTCHA on every step

Since a few months, I am forced to do the hCAPTCHA in every 1-2 steps. ie, I am ok to do it once or twice. But now I have to be lucky not to have hCAPTCHA while making a preview, or posting a topic. I lost many fully typed topics because of this issue. It would be nice to have it a bit less attacking if it is in your power. Thanks.

Unfortunately that is not in my power.
Audacity websites, including this forum, are behind a firewall. For people that are in the unfortunate position of using a “tainted” IP address, the firewall requires that the user completes a captcha before allowing server requests. Because this is such an active forum, it attracts a huge amount of attention from bots, so we have to implement security measures to prevent the forum from being flooded by spam.

In most cases it is possible to use the web browser’s “back” button to return to an incomplete post.
When using public computers (which are more likely to be restricted), I make a copy of any long posts that I have written before posting (just select the post and press “Ctrl + C” to copy). If anything goes wrong, I can simply start a new post and paste (Ctrl + V) my copied post.

Thanks for the reply. I just filled the hcaptcha to post this. I am happy that I was able to report this. I tried a couple of times months back and stopped coming here. My reporting post got lost the same way.

I did try the Back button early today, but it was gone. Now I know better. using CTRL C every time from now on. If there is something the server admins can do, please talk to them. I visit a no. of sites daily. There no one site where the hcaptcha is this aggressive. Just wanted you to know.

Thanks for reporting the issue.
I’ve asked our System Administrator to look into it.


meetdilip, feel free to contact me uising the Contact form: https://forum.audacityteam.org/memberlist.php?mode=contactadmin

I might ask for some additional details from you and try to come up with a solution for you. I am terribly sorry you are suffering this, but Steve has explained it all very well. Let’s see what we can do in your specific case :slight_smile:


Thanks @buanzo. I will use the link. Appreciate your help.

Hi, I have already sent the email as per above post. I haven’t got any communication in this regard. Just reporting here. Thanks.

Any updates ?