GVerb Profiles

Gverb is a great tool and can be used for a lot of different effects, but It would be very nice to have some kind of a profile system that would allow people to save and load settings so they would not have to input them over and over again when the same effect is desired. Is that type of development under the control of the creators of Audacity?

GVerb is a third party program and not developed by the Audacity team.
There are some notes about its effective usage here: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=GVerb

Oh, hmm, does anyone develop it? It seems like adding a profiles option would be incredibly easy and would save a lot of time.

The authors are credited at the top of the GVerb interface.
I don’t think it’s been updated for years.

That being the case is there any chance that the Audacity team is going to absorb it into their project? Is the source available?

Yes the source is available from here: http://plugin.org.uk/releases/0.4.15/
Are you considering having a go at developing it further?

Well, I’d like to but the only language I know is VB.net, so I don’t think I could really do it. What I was hoping was that Audacity would pick it up and maybe make it a native feature.