Guitar , vocal and saxophone audio interface

guys I need help

Please suggest a budget audio interface I am going to record Guitar , Vocal and saxophone :slight_smile:

is UCA202 enough ?

is UCA202 enough ?

No… The UCA 202 has a line-level input for connecting to a cassette player or your TV, etc.

There are lots of [u]USB Audio Interfaces[/u] with switchable mic/instrument inputs starting around $100 USD. If you want to monitor yourself while recording look for one that has zero-latency direct-hardware monitoring (where the monitoring path doesn’t go through the computer). There is always some latency (delay) through the computer and that can make it difficult to perform.

Note that these things work with “pro” stage/studio microphones that have a balanced XLR connection. They don’t work with “computer microphones”.

A good microphone will also typically cost $100 or more. Pro studios use a “Large Diaphragm Condenser” microphone for almost everything, although the Shure SM57 (a dynamic mic) is often used in front of a guitar amp. Dynamic mics have lower output than a condenser and sometimes the interface doesn’t have enough gain for recording vocals with a dynamic mic.