guitar USB cable

check this out

may help people:

I’ve been looking for a review of a USB Guitar cable, but so far only found one, and it wasn’t encouraging


Does anyone here use one?


I did get the Hosa cable.

It is good.

there is the delay - software playthrough - however…

I dont know if that can be helped. supposedly there is a hardware playthrough on the Mac,
and on the PC as well if you set the correct volume controls.


take care

Thanks for the feedback Ito.

No it can’t be helped. Playback it through a different device (your sound card) from recording (the cable) so there is no direct hardware connection between the two. That means that you need to use software playthrough, which it very much slower and causes a delay when listening to the sound that you are recording.

One way round this is to listen to previous tracks from Audacity with headphones or speakers and listen to the guitar acoustically. If you listen to Audacity with speakers, avoid turning the volume up too loud or you will get some bleed-through on your new guitar track.

Using a program that supports ASIO may give you software playthrough with lower latency than is available with Audacity.