Guitar tone

I have a question regarding guitar tone. I have been using the Audacity free recording software, I don’t use an amplifier, going direct into my computer.
I’m currently working on arrangement of Mark Knopfler’s Sultans of Swing and am having difficulty getting his guitar tone.
I do have several Boss pedals:
Blues Driver
FRV Reverb
Compressor Sustainer.
I am using a G&L Tribute Legacy guitar, and playing it fingerstyle.
Any advice on this problem would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

The recommended ingredients for that sound are: (genuine) Stratocaster guitar, Fender Vibrolux 6G11 amplifier, world class ability as a guitarist. After that it should be pretty easy :slight_smile:

I’m not a fan of recording guitars “straight in” - the amplifier makes a huge contribution to the sound of an electric guitar and even the best “Amp simulators” struggle to get close to an authentic sound. Even with a small practice amp you are likely to be able to get a “better” sound by recording the amp with a microphone.