Guitar preamp

does anyone have any experience with them? Is it worth the cash? Because judging by reviews of some artists and recorders, they make it seem like it will make your guitar sound absolutely Godly.

I’ve used a Line 6 Pod, and was very impressed with the results, but I still prefer to mic up a cab rather than DI an electric guitar.

I use a POD 2.0, I find it very useful though it has it’s limitations.

For starters, it’s harder to “get into it” without actually hearing a loud amp, so you have to be better prepared mentally to play the way you really want to. Secondly, it’s not possible to get feedback unless you use a separate set of speakers and crank them up real loud. For some styles of playing, it’s so much more impressive to hear the guitar on the verge of feeding back rather than one that was DI’d.

There is one other way around the feedback problem though. I’m thinking of buying a Sustainiac Model C. I have quite a few guitars and the Model C can be easily swapped among them.

That looks interesting. I hope you let us know how you get on with it.