guitar & mic eqipment?

my brother (‘the musician’) wants to record using audacity with his electric guitar and microphone for singing. what other equipment will i need to make this possible?

i forgot to mention that the guitar & mic are regular 1/4" jacks that are normally played through guitar amplifier.

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What’s the budget?

If he wants to record both voice and guitar simultaneously with different mics, then he needs two mics and a mic preamp with two inputs.
For connecting to the computer the best is to have an interface/preamp with usb connection.

There are some interfaces such as the M-Audio Fast Track that will allow him to connect the guitar directly to it, so he will need only one mic for voice.

A pop filter might come in handy for the voice recording.

thanks bgravato,

that’s exactly what we need. i found that there are local places that sell that item.

Hi, What if you want to record/connect a mic for voice and another mic for piano or another non-electric instument.
How might that be accomplished. Thanks!!

Use an audio interface that has two microphone inputs.

Thanks!! I have one USB MIC, and one regular non usb mic.
Is there a basic or inexpensive interface that can connect one usb and one xlr mic?

Not that I know of.

An alternative would be to record one instrument first, then record the other instrument as a new track.

Just in the case that you might be wondering if you could get an usb interface for the xlr mic and connect both mics (via usb) I must say that’s not a good idea, for many reasons, starting by the fact that audacity can only record from one (usb) device at a time. Even if you could make it work you would probably have latency issues among other possible issues.

So either you record each instrument separately like Steve said (this is called overdubbing). Or you buy another xlr mic and an interface with two mic inputs, such as the ART USB Dual Pre, for example.