Guitar amp simulators for Audacity?


I’m looking to record my guitar directly into Audacity, but I don’t know how to use an amp simulator with it. I also don’t know what to get that would be compatible with Audacity.

Any suggestions?

A much better solution, get an amplifier and a microphone.
Failing that, get a hardware amp simulator with an audio out that you can plug into your sound card (Line6 Pod’s are very good).

Yeah I already do that but it’s hard to record when you have roommate’s blasting music constantly (because the mic would pick up that noise in addition to the guitar). I was hoping for a quieter solution, without spending money on hardware. There’s a few freeware amp simulator VSTs, I just don’t know how I’d use any with Audacity.

Audacity is not very good with VST’s. It only supports some, and some make Audacity crash. Because of licensing restrictions, Audacity can not be distributed with VST support, so VST support is achieved through another little program called the VST Bridge. Also, the graphical interface for the plug-ins are not supported for the same reason, so Audacity uses a very basic GUI that looks similar to the interfaces for its built in effects and is just a bunch of sliders. Without the (often complex) VST graphical interface, these programs become near impossible to use. To use VST effects I think that you would be better to record using a proper VST host. On Windows you could try Waveosaur or Reaper.

I record with Audacity because it’s so much more intuitive & simple compared to most software. Then if I want to add effects after I import the track into Cubase then add effects using the VST.
Having said that why do you want to add the effects afterwards ?
Why not get a Line 6 toneport which has amp simulators & create the sound you want with that then record your playing through that with Audacity.