Guidance on ACX Check results

I’m very new to narration. I’m attaching a screenshot of my ACX check results which some parts failed. Can anyone give me guidance on how to correct the parts that failed? I’d be so grateful!

Thank you so much in advance!

Reading for Audiobooks — Post Processing

Export your raw reading as WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit before you do anything to it. The goal is to have a perfect quality WAV sound file of your work as a backup in case of accident or other damage. Edit a copy. Saving Audacity Projects is not recommended for this.

File > Export > Export as WAV

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 1.41.22.png

We publish a mastering suite of tools that guarantees Peak and RMS (Loudless). Nobody can read directly into ACX compliance.

This is the process in abbreviated form…

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 1.26.20.png
That is taken from the official posting here.

You have to pass all three for ACX acceptance. If you recorded your voice well in a quiet, echo-free room, the Noise value should just work.

dB or Decibel sound values get quieter top to bottom.

0dB ~ Maximum possible volume in a digital system.
-3dB ~ Maximum volume permitted for an Audiobook reading.
-18dB to -23dB ~ Overall loudness range allowed for an Audiobook.
-60dB ~ Loudest background noise level.
-65dB ~ Actual noise level target for submission.


Technical Compliance is only the first part of the test. You also have to pass Human Quality Control where an actual person at ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) listens to the work to judge reading, theater and voice quality. You have to pass everything and we can only test for technical compliance.

Post a note back on how you did after mastering. It’s not unusual to fail noise when you read at home. The noise specification in English means your background sound or noise has to be at least 1000 times quieter than your voice.


Thank you for this reply too!! I asked you another question regarding Findawayvoices criteria in the other thread. Hopefully, you can help me there. Following the steps you posted got my piece to pass the ACX check!! Now I’m just wondering what variables of the effects I’d use for findaway which seems slighly different.