Guidance for nyquist coding

I m trying to add an option of determining the tempo ie. Beats Per Minute for a music clip. For that i am using Nyquist coding. I need guidance with the Nyquist coding. Can you please provide me with a proper manual which explains the Nyquist syntax in detail.

Hoping for a support as soon as possible.
Thanks in advance.

This comes up a few times, so I’ve added a sticky topic in the Nyquist section of the forum:

Also, if you prefer to work with GUI programs, Scite is quite a good editor for Nyquist. It includes parentheses matching (essential for LISP based languages) and syntax highlighting for LISP. Note that the LISP syntax highlighting includes some commands that are not in Nyquist, and commands specific to Nyquist are not highlighted, but it is still close enough to be useful.


Thanks for reply. But help me to begin with programming in nquist. I don’t have even slight idea about nyquist coding.

Here’s a couple of simple experiments that you can try. They will be a gentle (and practical) introduction to using Nyquist.
When you have tried these, have a look at the links that I posted previously.
If you have further questions (I’m sure you will :wink:) please start a new topic on the Nyquist forum board (

Here are the experiments:


I tried the examples. They are working fine.
While accessing the audio track, I want to save the amplitude and time of samples that are above a particular threshold. How can i do that? I had thought of using structure array the way we use in C language, but structure is not supported in Nyquist.
Please help me through this.

Hoping for a reply soon.