Guest microphone picking me up

I’m hoping someone may be able to help or shed some light. I’m using Audacity and Voicemeeter for podcasts. Well, at least I thought I was. I’ve got two microphones. We recorded two successful sessions and then my laptop was used for a virtual job interview and since then, things just won’t work. I’ve checked and double checked to ensure that all of the Voicemeeter, Audacity, and computer settings are correct/what they were for the sessions that were initially recorded successfully, and they seem to be. Being very particular, I wrote down all of the settings from the initial recording due to an event such as this. What’s happening is that I’m being picked-up not on my microphone, but on the microphone across from me. So, it sounds like I’m talking in the distance, not crisp and close, as I should be being picked up on the microphone in front of my face. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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