GSnap won't load (MAC)

Anyone know how to get GSnap to work on Mac? It keeps saying it’s “incompatible” whne Ioad it up. Everything I keep seeing says to download the 32-bit version but that’s only an option for Windows. Honestly I’m just trying to get that autotune effect that makes people people sound like they’re in puberty. Anyone have any suggestions? lol

I do not know GSnap. But macOS is 64bit for a long tine already. Before macOS X 10.15 you could still use 32bit-software; 10.15 was the first version to exclude 32bit code from running, but according to Wikipedia the OS is 64bit since macOS X 10.4… Are you really using a macOS X older than 10.4?

I am running macOS 14.5 and the plugin is a .vst file. I am recently switching over from windows so some of this is a little new to me. I really appreciate the response .

I tried the following, and it installs proberly:

  • download the Mac version of the plug-in from this site
  • unzipped it
  • moved the file GSnap.vst to the directory /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/
  • re-scanned for plug-ins in Audacity. and it showed up as installed.

Tested on macOS 12.7.5 (Monterey)