GSnap VST plugin and Audacity v2.1.1

I want to try this VST plugin but didn’t succeed in installing it.
Is it possible to use Gsnap on v2.1.1? What exact version of Gsnap should I use 32bit or 64bit.
Where should I put .dll to use it? May be I sholuld change file permissions?
Here’s some info on my system’s Audacity build:

Installed versions:  2.1.1^t[1](10:44:29 AM 01/12/2016)(alsa doc ffmpeg flac ladspa lame lv2 midi nls portmixer soundtouch vorbis vst -id3tag -jack -libav -mad -sbsms -twolame -vamp CPU_FLAGS_X86="sse")

As far as I’m aware,GSnap does not work on Linux.
VST plug-ins are platform specific. Windows VSTs only work on Windows, Mac OS X VSTs only work on Macs, Linux VSTs (which are rare) only work on Linux.

GSnap for Linux is beta, so use at your own risk:

Follow to put the (NOT .dll) file in a location Audacity searches, then open Effect > Manage… , select the effect, click Enable, then click OK.


Hope this works. I’ll try. Thanks a lot.