GSnap installation issues on MacOS

Hey there. Long time user of GSnap on Windows, trying to carry my workstation over to my Mac laptop so I can record and such when I’m not at home. I am getting the common “Could not load the library” issue when I attempt to enable the GSnap.vst plugin that I downloaded from the GSnap website via the “Download GSnap (for MacOS)” button. All of the solutions that seem to exist for this on the Internet are Windows-focused, i.e. they say you should install the 32-bit version instead (thanks for nothing, Apple). Additionally, the website says there should be a dll file inside the GSnap zip, but for Mac it’s a VST. I have tried installing it to Audacity’s plug-ins folders, as well as the Mac’s own Library/Audio/Plugins/VST directory, and have not been able to fix this error. I would like to be able to use GSnap instead of Graillon, which works, but creates a much too robotic sound for my liking. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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