GSnap and KeroVee do not affect audio in 2.1.2

Vista and XP, 2.1.1 and 2.1.2.

Kerovee and GSnap don’t work in the above. Kerovee works in 2.0.x. Both are autotuners.

Yes, I know Vista is a hated OS, but it came with a PC I bought used. I don’t have any problems with it beyond some older software not working. 4-core CPU and 4Gb RAM.

GSnap and KeroVee certainly do appear in 2.1.2.

Audacity does not have full support for GSnap or KeroVee because Audacity does not support MIDI tuning. This isn’t new. You can only tune to a scale.

In 2.1.1 in KeroVee it was noticed that in mono tracks choosing a preset from Options while playing had no effect on the sound. But I cannot reproduce that now in 2.1.2 (KeroVee 1.61) on Windows 10. Transpose definitely has an effect.

If you still think there is a regression on 2.0.x, please give clear steps 1,2,3… to reproduce it. “Do not work” does not constitute steps to reproduce.


Select an imported or recorded vox track.
Open Kerovee.
Choose a setting.
Click play.

There is only a slightly robotic sound difference. I can’t get any difference at all using GSnap.

Works for me on Windows 10 with the KeroVee control I said. Please provide a sample WAV file and exact settings (names of controls and values) that change the file in 2.0.0 but not in 2.1.2. If “choose a setting” means you choose a saved preset, please export the preset and attach it.



I’m running Vista. I don’t know if you can use 10 as a straight swap.

If you provide a sample file that reproduces the problem and tell us exactly what settings or preset affected the file in 2.0.x but now does not then I can test it on both Windows 10 (or 7) and XP. In particular I don’t have a lot of solo voice files and I don’t even know if your files are singing or speaking and what effect you are trying to produce.

Without concrete steps that I can try to reproduce the issue will not be progressed.


Not one of the settings does anything more than a slight robot sound when I click Play in Kerovee. Not even the presets do anything more.

I gave the singer on that track a deep voice in an earlier build than 2.1.1 by using the Female to Male preset. A sample is below.

Many thanks for the files.

To apply a preset, you can play before choosing the preset. If you don’t hear the preset, clicking once only on a button with a non-zero value without changing the value “may” let you hear the preset. Restarting Audacity “may” let you hear the audio indicated by the control values for a while without workarounds.

Applying the effect appears to apply the values implied by the controls.

You can always go back to 2.0.6 where KeroVee appears to work better, or try AutoTalent (I have not tried it).


Ah okay. It works on Apply but not Preview. Good enough. I’ve not heard of AutoTalent. I’ll try it.

Thank you, Gale.