Gridlines (horizontal AND vertical) in waveform panes

I note that Audacity now has a “tempo grid,” which is better than nothing, but other than that, is there a way to have both horizontal and vertical gridlines displayed in the waveform pane?

In other words, horizontal gridlines (say) every 3 dB, but depending on the vertical zoom level; and b) simple non-beat-and-bar-related vertical gridlines, perhaps defaulting to one or two divisions per second, but again “intelligently” varying according to zoom level?

Full disclosure: I mostly use ocenaudio, because it has both horizontal and (more importantly) vertical gridlines built-in. And it seems like such a simple and obvious thing to be included in an audio editor, yet — it seems Audacity has never had these. Or am I missing Something Obvious?

All help, comments, advice on this is welcome: thanks!

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