Gray Menu after Leveller effect

I was trying to use the Leveller and a clip in a track, I exited out of the leveller and menus are greyed out and I’m getting the error sound when clicking on anything in the window. Is there something hidden that needs to be taken care of?

I was using the leveller and I closed out of that now I’m getting gray menus and error sound when clicking on things.

Please help. I have this podcast complete.

Which Audacity are you using? Audacity (up - left) > About.


Here’s a hint. Notice you posted and I posted a response 19 minutes later. This is not a “normal” forum. We have active elves over 9 time zones and the only reason you may not get a response is you asked something really weird, or you [ahem] double posted.


The Leveller effect was discontinued several years ago. The menu item for the effect will be left over from an earlier version of Audacity and should be disabled. To disable the menu item, open the Effect Manager and disable the Leveller:

If you want to produce the same effect as the old Leveller effect, the “Distortion” effect has a “Leveller” setting that can produce exactly the same effect as the old “Leveller” effect:

If you want to reduce the dynamic range of a track, try using the Limiter effect instead:

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