graphic sound


I would like to develop graphic image sound of a lyric or pitch displayed on screen for people who cannot read music but who could just read script of the songs and follow them, mimic them or try to match the intonation of the notes or the sound of the lyric. An example would be playing the singing of Mr X (singer) where it shows the graphic images of the sound and at the same time the user ( who listens) would try to sing at the same time and try to match Mr X songs based on those graphic images (that shows when the voice intonation goes high and low) at the same time the user can see his own voice graph displayed in order to see how far s/he is from being close the intonation of Mr X singer. Now this could be a web based program, a kind of Karaoke, is there anyone who could help me better understanding this topic ( not to teach me ) and what should be done for its implementation, I will also look for some paid job too, all the options are open. Thanks for your help.

Record your voice into Audacity, then click on the name of the track and from the drop down menu select “spectrum”.
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