Graduation Quilt

I want to be able to convert the sound file of my granddaughter’s heart beat (before birth) into a jpg so I can take it into Photo Shop and deal with colors and depth. I can print it out from audacity and get a fine image, but I cannot take it into Photoshop and work with it there. Her pre birth heartbeat will be printed out to become a square in the quilt I’m making for her graduation from high school.

Does anyone have an idea of how I could take the graphic image of her heart beat on the audacity screen and export it to become a JPG?

Thanks for letting me ask.

You could try viewing the recording in Spectrogram View ( and then take a screenshot of the track (…). Adjust the Spectrogram setting to make it look pretty (

Alternatively you could try using Sonic Visualizer ( which has many more visualisation options than Audacity.

All normal heartbeat patterns will look very similar …
fetal heartbeat (ultrasound) in Audacity as waveform (top) and spectrogram (below).gif
heartbeat spectrogram arranged into square.gif

A person, I’m not remembering the person who helped me those years ago, but thank you and anyone who had input on this. I believe the gentleman who laid it out for me was in France?

Anyway, I was able to put the file in Audacity. Then I captured, as was suggested, a screen shot. I took that screen shot to PhotoShop and trimmed the parts I did not want away. I saved that as a JPEG. I printed from PhotoShop. Sent that image to a way cheap inkjet and printed on fabric set on cards made for this. I followed their directions. Bottom line, that is the coolest, greatest single square I have ever come up with, and I have made well over a hundred quilts. I gave the quilt as a Christmas present but left it until all was over because I knew it would swamp everything else. she went into my wife’s and my bedroom, opened it up, and cried for 20 minutes.

Adding a tidbit that is just interesting. That was a prenatal heart beat. I had managed to transfer that through 4 or 5 computers.

lauren heart beat smaller file.jpg
I tried to post the image here, followed what thought were the directions, and I do not think I succeeded. Any, the quilt was all time . . all time. She will be showing that to her children, her grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Thank you, Forum.

Hmmm… I can totally see value in this. But I am not sure a lot of people would use it though.

Exporting the wave form into an SVG format would be super cool. But I am not a developer and have no idea on how to do it.
Then it would be dead simple to edit this in Inkscape, Corel DRAW, Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator…

Probably this would be extremely low on the roadmap, if it got authorized to be added there in teh firstt place. But a cool idea nevertheless… just a more cosmetic thing though. hehe