Grabar Octapad SPD-30 en Audacity

Buenas, quería obtener información sobre cómo poder grabar un Octapad SPD-30 con Audacity. Si necesito alguna interfaz para poder grabar, si con un cable USB es suficiente, bien por MIDI… voy muy perdido en el tema.

Muchas gracias :wink:

Un saludo!

:frowning: OK, as you know, the USB port on your Octapad will only converse using the MIDI protocol. While Audacity does deal with MIDI, it is not currently capable of MIDI communications. There are other programs that will record MIDI, but Audacity is not one of them, and I am not familiar enough with MIDI to steer you in that direction.

:smiley: However, Audacity is quite capable in regards to regular audio AND your Octapad is too. Alongside your headphone output, you have left and right 1/4" audio outputs. Unless you have a line input on your PC, you will need a USB audio converter. This could be done with a Behringer UCA202, for example. You would also need a stereo 1/4" to RCA phone cable such as the Hosa CPR-201 Stereo Interconnect Cable - Dual 1/4-inch TS Male to Dual RCA Male.

If you do have line input (usually color-coded blue) on your PC, you don’t need the Behringer, and instead need something like the Hosa CMP-153 Stereo Breakout Cable - 3.5mm TRS Male to Left and Right 1/4-inch cable.

I hope this helps. :smiley: