Got the newest version. Want to uninstall previous version.

Hi all,

I’m on Ubuntu 20.04. I just used snap to install Audacity 3.1.3, it works great, Software says “Installed”.

I still have my previous version of Audacity (2.3.3), and I was wondering how to uninstall it.

I don’t remember how I installed it, but I believe not snap, because my Software didn’t say “Installed” until I installed 3.1.3 just now. If to uninstall I need to know how it was installed, can we start there? i.e. how to find which installation method it was. Or perhaps what directory this old Audacity is installed at?


If the snap is working fine, stick with it. But note the only Linux package produced directly by the dev team is the AppImage.

Now, to your question: my guess is you most likely installed v2.3.3 from the Ubuntu repository, as that’s the version Ubuntu 20.04 has.

So you should be able to remove it with

sudo apt remove audacity

If that doesn’t work, post back!