Gospel Choir effect?

I want to create a gospel choir effect. I have recorded myself singing two lines, , and over dubbed this about 10 times, and changed pitches, however it still sounds like me.

Is there a way to make it sound gospel, do they have to be certain notes?

There is no way to make it not sound like you.

“Make me sound like somebody other than me…” is a very frequent request. We can’t do it, but it’s very frequent.

If you were doing a trio sung by the internationally famous KillerQueen Brothers and you had the vocal range, you could get away with that – easily, but not when you’re trying to sing multiple women and men.


By the way, if you actually overdubbed fifteen individual tracks in, say, three part harmony, it would sound a lot better than trying to technically manipulate only two tracks. There’s an enormous different between ten people singing the same note and one person duplicated.

do they have to be certain notes?

I’m prompted to ask, you know that first, third and fifth harmony is, right? A minor key? Fifth is the hard one, if everybody goes up a third you have to go up four notes to get to the octave and maintain the harmony.


Thanks Koz, didnt think it could be done, but always worth asking the people that know best :slight_smile: