Good guitar distortion plugin? OR guitar to bass plugin?


I’m looking for two plugins…

Does anyone know of any plugins for effects that will make a normal guitar, when plugged in as an input, turn into what would sound like an electric bass guitar?

And also does anyone know of any good guitar distortion plugins? The ones I’ve tried so far hardly sound anything near realistic.



There might be plugins to distort your playing, but there is the additional problem that Audacity doesn’t apply filters in Real Time. Ever. So you would always be recording your straight performance, stop, rewind and then apply filters.

It kind of takes the swing out of a creative performance. Real Time Audacity is a different program.


Guitar Rig 3 is said to be pretty good, but it costs over $300 US. It’s probably not compatible with Audacity either.
I would generally recommend getting a good quality little practice amp and a microphone.

Audio Divider (Suboctave Generator) plugin. Use that and put the setting past one. And then go into the Change Pitch plugin and change the setting lower than 0 aka into the negative range to make your pitch decrease. Then, once you get the desired note pitch that you want, simply add a bit bass boost (maybe frequency to 200 or less and have the boost to about 5 to 10), and there you go.

If you play around with it, you might be able to get a Whammy-style effect that Jack White uses on the song “Seven Nation Army” since he uses a Whammy to bend the pitch down an octave to sound like a bass. The Audio Divider plugin should be able to do that with a few tweaks like the ones I mentioned.

Try it :slight_smile:, if it doesn’t work, lemme know cause I might be wrong. But experiment bro, that’s what finding your sound is all about :smiley:.

Can you share your work?

I’ve been using Audacity to edit and mix audio tracks, and everything was running smoothly until I noticed a persistent distortion problem. Even when I play back previously clean audio clips, they now exhibit a strange, almost robotic distortion that wasn’t there before.

That’s very frustrating. I hate it when my output sounds synthy. Have you tried using other audio software?