Good and portable mic for trip

Hey folks, how r u all doing?

So, I’m willing to invest in a good mic for my podcasts, webinars, videos and whatnot, but the thing is I’ll be start a big around the world trip next year and I do plan to take my biz with me while I travel (I work online)

So at first I thought of buying a Blue Snowball Microphone, but then I’m afraid it might be a bit too cumbersome to carry around.

What do you guys recommend?

Additionally, since I’ll be travelling and most probably won’t be able to have a quite enviroment to work on, I’d be better off with a dynamic mic instead of a condenser mic.

All in all, I don’t need THE best audio quality ever!! I just want a good solution that is better than my crappy shitty mic and one that is also portable enough to take with me on my trip.

Oh, btw, if I don’t have to sell one of my kidneys for something like that, that would also be awesome :mrgreen:


PS: I’ve also saw these two options below, but not only they are condenser mics, I’m also not sure about their quality

You posted in a section of the forum where we can’t tell what kind of computer you have, but if you’re on a Mac, you can use the built-in mic. I’ve shot temporary voice tracks for television productions with mine. Nobody is rushing to give me Academy Awards for the work, but most people couldn’t tell how I did it. You can do similar tricks with an iPhone and an iPod and iPad. All good quality, built-in. The Phone and Pod fit in your pocket.

Let us know.


Hey koz, thanks for the reply and sorry for not including my specs

I’m on a HP laptop with Windows 7

Well just the other day I shot a video using my samsung Galaxy S2 (which I mounted on the top of my screen with some custom-made apparatus :smiley:) and the sound was quite ok, but still a bit of noise and all

If for example one of those mics I’ve sent the link in the post above were good enough, I’d be happy to invest them. But to invest $60 or more just to get a bit better sound is not a good investment in my opinion

Now, the snowball is probably a batter one, but as I said, it might be too big to carry around :frowning:

What do you think?