Going crazy, usb input recording on mac

I’ve read as much as I could, googled high and low and can’t find a solution to this. I’m using a Xone 96 mixer with soundcard, outputting to my macbook (tried 2 different macs). In my macs sound settings I see Xone 96 as an INPUT, i select it, the mac is getting an input, the bars move at the same time as the bars on my mixer and stop when I pause my decks.

On audacity I select Xone 96 as an input, stereo recording, built in output. But I get no input on audacity. I tried restarting it multiple times including restarting the mac. I click start monitoring to see input, but it stays at 0.
When i use built in mic I see the gain right away.

In audacity preferences (Devices) I’m on core audio for host, xone 96 for input, built in output, 2 channel stereo.
I feel like I must be missing something and 4 sleepless nights with a newborn can do that to a man.

Any help ?

It could be this problem: https://forum.audacityteam.org/t/no-recording-level/51788/1