Global Settings / Sessions : Solved

Edit: Solved - I updated my System and the problem resolved itself – Yayy…

I’ve searched around a bit, and cannot find any information on saving global settings from session to session. Maybe it’s just my current version of Linux Mint and Audacity, but Audacity is not saving my preferences between sessions.
IE: I usually remove all toolbars from the bottom for recording sessions, and make the window full width of the screen, and minimal height, and it seems to me audacity used to remember my preferences between reboots, especially when I save a project as a project, and yet, when i reboot the machine from day to day, audacity will always open with stock settings, including all the toolbars along the bottom, only partial width of window, etc, etc… am I being daft somehow and failing to see a setting or tool for saving my session settings between reboots? Thanks

Windows guy here. Yayy :grinning:

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