GLITS Tones in Ausacity

Is it possible for someone to tell me what code I’d need to make a set of GLITS tones for broadcast audio as I’m sure there’s a way it can be done more easily using Nyquist code.

The spec is located here



Sorry about the delay replying - I’ve only just spotted this post.

First you will need to make a stereo track (Tracks menu > Add new > Stereo track)
Then make a selection the length that you want the GLITS tones to be.
Then use the Nyquist Prompt effect with this code:

(let* ((amp (db-to-linear -18))
       (lmod (maketable (abs-env (pwlv amp 2.75 amp 2.75 0 3 0 3 amp 4 amp))))
       (rmod (maketable (abs-env (pwlv amp 3.25 amp 3.25 0 3.5 0 3.5 amp 3.75 amp 3.75 0 4 0))))
       (tone (hzosc 1000)))
    (mult tone (hzosc 0.25 lmod))
    (mult tone (hzosc 0.25 rmod))))

Neall, It is helpful (not to mention common courtesy) to post a response when someone offers a solution to your question.