Glitches in Recording on Lenovo Yoga 8 Win 11

I am experiencing both white noise and glitching when recording on my new Lenova Yoga Thinkpad 8th gen. 32 Ram. Lenovo is struggling to get to the bottom of this and we have exhausted all the usual levels options. I have used the same kit on my Lenova idea pad (Win 10) 4 Ram with no issue. Software is fully updated. At the moment it’s a useless laptop.

Free plan-B’s …

Aha interesting. Thank you. Unfortunately I need it like last week. If we can’t fix the issue I may have to invest in another set up.

OCENaudio is available now,

as are old versions of Audacity.

Windows sound recorder is built-in to Windows

Thanks I’ll investigate. Be good to get to the bottom of the glitching tho.

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