Getting started!

I have bought a USB recording cable which came with a CD with Audacity on it. I have connected the red and white plugs onto my stereo correctly and my computer has noticed a new device. When I open the Audacity program the mixer toolbar is greyed out and nothing records. I cannot find anything about how to do the very basic set up. Help, please!

Look in the Audacity “Help menu > About Audacity” and ensure that you have Audacity 2.0. If you have an older version, get 2.0 from here:

Have a look at these introductory tutorials:

Thanks Steve. You were right, of course! The programme version supplied on the link we bought from Amazon was 1.2.6. I shall be sending an appropriate comment. Later on this evening I shall try to use the thing again - at least the control panel looks as though it might work now.

One additional point if you happen to look at this - on the input device list I assume I need Stereo Mix? But then I guess the programme tutorial has probably been updated as well so I shall look there.