Getting started with

I am trying to get started with, and there are sooooooo many plugins!

What I need to know is which ones do I need for (I do not want to waste my time and computer resources adding plugins that I cannot use and do not need).

As a performer?

We can do some first level evaluations on the forum. Read the sound test. Read it clean with no effects, filters, or corrections.

Asa fuzzy rule, if you can pass the audiobook standards, you can submit your work anywhere else. We have audiobook tools.


Thank you for the reply.

But I am needing to find out which plugins to use.

This is the Audacity help forum, Not What happened when you asked over there?


Nothing, I have not found that yet.

I asked here because the plugins are here.

Listen through the “Evan from Voices” video.

You need to have some idea where you’re going with this.

Do you know someone doing the kind of work you want to do?

Announce a sample in a quiet, echo-free room. Microphone isn’t important. I created a nice sample recording with an iPhone on my desk.

Make sure you know how to transfer Lossless Voice Memo files from your iPhone to Audacity in your computer.

Use Audiobook Mastering Macro followed by Effect > Noise Reduction if you need it. Use ACX-Check to make sure your sample recording meets ACX Audiobook Standards. As above, if you can meet that, chances are good you can submit work to anybody.

The only thing I can’t list is corrections for theatrical errors. If you have crazy room echoes or you stutter, there are no plugins for those.

You can also announce and submit that voice test I posted up the thread. That will give us a starting point.


Thank you, for the links and information.

Apparently, I triggered something when I did the research on

Every YouTube page I hit now has at least one and sometimes more pages on Voice Acting, Marketing, and how to set up your Sound Studio.