Getting screeching sound

I have HP Windows 11
Audacity 3.4

I did not have any problems with the previous version. I updated to 3.4 and when I hit record I get this screeching I did not get it on the previous version. I did not making any changes I selected track hit record got this screeching sound.

I looked in Transport options and Hear other tracks is selected and enable audible input monitoring were selected I turned those off I got no screeching but not sound during recording. They are now both selected but the screeching is still happening. Not sure what else to try.


Do you remember which version used to work? 3.3.3?

3.4.2 is the current stable version.


3.4.2 is the current it might have the 3.3.3 I don’t remember I don’t update that often. The previous I have for a couple of years.

Turn OFF Software Playthrough or Audible Input Monitoring on the current version.

And/or, don’t select a “loopback” device unless you are recording streaming audio.

Okay I will try it. Thank you

I for to mention I am recording Records

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