Getting rid of muffled/hollow sound (Audacity 2.1.1)


I am attempting to improve the quality of some speech that was given to me for a video project.

Here is a link to the original audio:

Here are the effects that I have applied based on research online, in order:

  • Noise Removal
  • Normalize (-1)
  • Compress
  • Equalization (Bass Boost/Treble Boost)
  • Normalize (-1)
  • Hard Limiter(-4)
  • Normalize (-1)
  • High Pass Filter (6 db)
  • Normalize (-1)

And here is my current version:

Note that while the audio is improved it still sounds muffled/hollow.

Anyone knows what else I can do to make the audio quality sound better?

Thank you for your time.

I don’t believe the original video had audio that bad. I think this track is suffering from overprocessing and it’s permanently damaged. Once you get the wineglass effect, it’s hopeless.

Post a bit of the original work, or the track right after splitting. No effects, processing or filters.



Thank you for your help. We have since redubbed the audio. Anything I can do to fix the track below?

Since this track is part of a larger track letting me know of the steps you have taken will be great!

Link to file:

Thank you for your time.

There are two roughly similar postings with damaged voice shoots and I had a Twilight Zone moment there.

I think the processing error you posted earlier and the beating I gave it just now are two people trying to get rid of room echoes.

You can’ t get rid of room echoes.

Once you record in a carpet-free room with bare walls (any modern apartment), you’re pretty much dead. Either of us can get rid of the rumble and that whine sound, but the talking in a rain barrel thing is permanent.

Getting good voice recordings in an apartment is harder than you think even if you do get the microphone, mixer, etc, etc right. I’ve been known to use furniture moving pads to kill the wall reflections.

There’s no shortage of people turning their broom closet into a recording studio.

Speaking of that whine sound. Is this a Blue Yeti?