Getting rid of ear piercing clicks

Hello! I am starting to record another game for Youtube. But the in game menus have, to me, ear piercing clicks which is why I don’t usually wear my headphones. But as I start to record this I do want to try and tone it down a little and make it not quite so annoying to my audience. Is there a way to do it? The declick tool I have is a pile of junk, don’t remember exactly where I got it, but it starts, the time remaining goes up for a bit, then it freezes then crashes so, that ain’t gonna work. Heck, I could be going in the total wrong direction on that. >.< Anyway, if anyone has a solution I’d be most appreciated.

If the pings/blips are louder than everything else, the popmute plugin can attenuate all of them in one pass.

If that’s not the case, you could use Audacity’s spectral-edit tools, but each one will have to be treated individually (manually).