Getting reverb effect in Headphones, happened after previous Audacity Update

Hello I have Yeti Blue Microphone and DT770 Pro headphones that are plugged into then the base of the Yeti.
After the previous Audacity update I am getting a reverb in the headphone when I speak, or a delay of a 1/2 second.
Tried downloading Logitech Software to control the microphone, huge mistake.
Are there settings in Audacity to eliminate this effect.
Thank you

Make sure to select the USB mic as your recording device. (Don’t select anything that says "loopback.)

And make sure Audible input monitoring is disabled so you are monitoring directly from the microphone without going through the computer. (There is always some delay/latency through the computer.)

I tried unchecking the Audible Input Monitoring box. No sound came through the headphones.
I rechecked the Audible Input Monitoring and the reverb came back.
Playback and recording are both set to Yeti Microphone. I do not see an option for USB Microphone.
Thank you for your suggestion.

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