Getting good listening to the instrumental background music that accompanies a song

Hello friends. I have been a MuseScore user for 12 years and upload my musical arrangements of songs to the website, but I have no idea how to use Audacity for the following: My Yamaha Clavinova CVP-407 electronic piano has beautiful and interesting songs pre-installed that cannot be COPYED, you only listen through your speakers and/or headphones and you can also view the scores on your screen as a learning tutorial. With Audacity I can get a WAV or MP3 if I connect a 3.5 Jack cable to the headphone jack of my CVP-407 with the microphone input on my ASUS computer and the melodic notes of the piano are heard quite clearly, but the orchestral sound in the background that accompanies that composition (Ave María, by Gounod) is very bad, it doesn’t come out well at all. Can anyone give me a solution to get a good MP3 of all these songs pre-installed on my Yamaha piano? Thanks in advance and greetings to everyone who participates in this forum. Mariano Garcia. La Rioja. Spain.

If your computer is a laptop it probably only has mic-in and headphone-out, and the microphone is probably mono. And they are often low quality.

You need line-inputs (usually blue on a regular soundcard) to match a headphone-output or line-output. A line/headphone signal is about 100 times stronger than a microphone signal.

So, you may need a USB audio interface with line inputs. The Beringer UCA202 is popular and relatively inexpensive, but it doesn’t have a recording volume control (not a big problem when connected to a headphone output, which always has a volume control).

Or there are lots of higher end interfaces with switchable pro-mic/line inputs (that do have recording level knobs).

You’ll generally need an adapter cable with an interface because the “cheap” Behringer has RCA connections and most other interfaces have combination XLR and 1/4-inch TRS inputs.

Muchas Gracias DVDdoug. Seguiré sus consejos y empezaré por comprarme la interfaz Beriger que me recomiendas. Te diré si funciona. Cordial saludo.

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