Getting audio from an existing youtube video

I have a video of my grandson playing a trombone. I want to capture that audio and move it to Audacity for processing. I can manually put a recorder on my laptop and record to an .mp3 and then process, but I am wondering if there is a technique for doing this just using Audacity and the laptop. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Gary Donnelly
Hedgesville, WV

from an existing youtube video…

…I have a video of my grandson playing a trombone.

Do you have a copy that’s not posted on YouTube or do you need to record from YouTube?

If you want to re-combine the audio & video you’ll need a video editor for that.

and record to an .mp3 and then process,

Don’t “work in” MP3. MP3 is lossy so you should minimize the number of times it’s compressed.

The video is currently on a youtube video. You’re obviously correct about mp3. But I am just going to use it as a ring tone so great audio quality isn’t that importance is. Thanks for the response.

Gary Donnelly
Hedgesville, WV

oops…i failed to answer your question properly. No, I do not have a non-youtube copy. Sorry …brain belch


Use [u]WASAPI Loopback[/u] to record what’s playing on your computer.

PERFECT! Many thanks. Some of the screen shots differ with the latest version of W-10, but not enough to not figure out what was happening.

Thanks again

Gary Donnelly
Hedgesville, WV